Precision Rifle Maintenance - Barrel Cleaning

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This video outlines everything you will need to know to properly clean and maintenance that precious barrel on your precision rifle. Obviously this is a highly debated topic. That is as a result of there not being too many "wrong" ways to clean your barrel. Today I'm showing you how I do it. My method has evolved over the years and with the high frequency and volume of shooting I do, I've had the ability to test a lot of products. Some were bad, and others very bad. The precious few products and methods that I cling to today are all mentioned in the video and described in detail, as well as a step-by-step instruction on how to use them effectively. Oh, and of course, if you are not doing it my way... you are obviously wrong! Just kidding! As mentioned, this is one thing that's pretty hard to screw up. I hope my tips will make things easier for you the next time you clean your rifle.

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