Re-Programming: RCBS Chargemaster Combo


Re-Programming: RCBS Chargemaster Combo
Written By - Greg Dykstra, 10/1/2009

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If you don't have an RCBS Chargemaster Combo, you probably need one! 

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By reprogramming the chargemaster, you'll cut your charge times in half, or more.

Here's how you reprogram your chargemaster for maximum speed.

1. Turn the unit on.
2. When 0.0gn is on the display, press BOTH the ENTER and the EDIT MEM keys on the dispenser at the same time. Hold for a second and then release. If done properly ADJUST PARAMETER should scroll across the display followed by HSP 00015.68

At this point you are in the programming menu. The first 3 settings are the ones you need to concern yourself with. HSP settings are basically different speeds for different stages of the powder throw. The setting changes the amount of grains under your desired charge weight where the unit will switch speeds.

HSP A1 - This is the first stage, wide open.
HSP B1 - This is medium speed.
HSP C1 - This is the last stage, slow trickle.

To change the setting, just use the number pad and type in the new setting. If you wanted to change the first setting to 7.00, you would type in 700. When you have the variable set, simply press ENTER to move to the next setting. You'll have to press enter a number of times (20+) to get through the rest of the settings, and then the unit will reboot itself.

Here are my settings:
HSP A1 - 7.00
HSP B1 - 2.00
HSP C1 - 0.50

So, it will run wide open until 7grns under my desired charge, then go at medium speed until 2gr under, then it will stop for a slow trickle at .5gr under.

Changing this cut my charge time in half. Getting two of them up side by side has reduced that by an additional 1/3. One running on default settings would dump one 44.5gr charge of varget every 20-35 seconds. Reprogramming cut that down to about 10-15 seconds. While running two reprogrammed units, I don't wait for much of anything now.

I've also done the "mcdonalds straw mod" on them. This keeps powder from bunching up on the threads at the end of the pour tube. Why they put threads in there, I'll never know.

The Primal Rights Straw Mod:
After trying all the mods I read about on forums... I still was not happy. A reprogrammed chargemaster running this mod, will be the fastest I've found, with the least amount of overthrows. You can "tune" individual straws for different powders, and change them out easily.

Insert mcdonalds straw all the way to the rear. Mark where the front of the opening is.

Use cutoff wheel or some other method, and make a slot in the straw half way through. The size of the opening can be modified to your preference and to work with different powders.

It will look like this.

Cut off the straw past the end of the dispensing tube. You can wrap the straw with tape at the end to "wedge" it in there if necessary.

This is much easier to accomplish repeatably than other mods, and can be easily tuned to fit different powders. You can go so far as to tune a straw for each powder, as it is very easy to change out.

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