Desert Tech produces the most versatile precision rifle systems in existence.

We sell Desert Tech rifles as modular units or as complete rifle packages.   You can buy a chassis, conversions, or barrels on their own.  However, if you'd like a more complete experience, you can purchase custom tailored rifle packages which including optics, bipods, drag bags, tool kits, custom finishing, and much more.   Each custom Desert Tech rifle or conversion we sell is designed specifically for your needs.  

Primal Rights is a full line stocking dealer for Desert Tech, and as such we have a healthy inventory of all DT items on-board at all times.   We are the world's premier provider of custom DT rifles, barrels, and conversions for SRS and HTI rifles, having chambered them in more different cartridges than anyone else on the planet.  We talk through every single aspect of your new barrel, conversion, or rifle with you at length to ensure the delivered product meets and exceeds your expectations.  

We will have it no other way.  


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Caliber Options Right or Left Hand
.22-250AI to 338LM
Rifle Length 26" - 42"
Weight w/ Conversion Kit 9.5lbs to 20lbs
Barrel Length 16" to 30" 
Rate of Twist Any Available
Trigger Pull Fully Adjustable
Conversion Torque Spec. 70 inch / lb.


Caliber Options Right or Left Hand
.22-250AI to 338LM
Rifle Length 32" - 42"
Weight w/ Conversion Kit 10.5lbs to 21lbs
Barrel Length 22" to 30" 
Rate of Twist Any Available
Trigger Pull Fully Adjustable
Conversion Torque Spec. 70 inch / lb.


Caliber Options Right Hand Only
.338CT to 50BMG
Rifle Length 44" - 54" 
Weight w/ Conversion Kit 20lbs to 32lbs
Barrel Length 29" to 34" 
Rate of Twist Any Available
Trigger Pull Fully Adjustable
Conversion Torque Spec. 80 inch / lb.

The Desert Tech SRS-A1 (Stealth Recon Scout) is the most versatile precision rifle system in the world. It is nearly a foot shorter than traditional rifles of equal barrel length, maintains 1/2 MOA or better accuracy with quality match ammo, and can be easily adapted to individual application requirements by changing the rifle's cartridge, barrel length, contour, and other options.  With nearly limitless configuration choices, the SRS offers unrivaled flexibility within the bolt action rifle community.

In less than 60 seconds, a shooter can change from any number of cartridges up to 338LM or wildcats based on it.  Each barrel repeats to its independent barrel zero to within a half-MOA between conversions.  Often, it is even better than that!   On numerous occasions we have changed from 6.5CM to 7LRM or 338LM and scored cold-bore hits on targets at 1000yds or beyond.  This is the only truly switch-cartridge rifle that we have ever seen perform to that level.  With the addition of a Tangent Theta rifle scope, a shooter can have an entire cartridge conversion complete and have the turret on the optic re-zeroed and the zero stop set in less than one minute.  Desert Tech rifles are truly in a class all their own.  

Due to its compact bullpup design, the DT SRS-A1 is about a foot shorter than all traditional rifles with an equal barrel length.  In addition to the drastically shorter overall length, the large diameter and heavy barrel shank that is usually far in front of the rifle grip, is moved to the rear and centered over the grip.   As a result, the handling characteristics of the SRS-A1 are unsurpassed by any other precision rifle system.  

The DT SRS-A1 is built around the core fundamentals of precision rifle accuracy, and was designed to allow each individual shooter to fit the rifle perfectly to their body type.  The trigger shoe is independently adjustable to ensure proper 90-degree trigger finger placement while still allowing a full purchase on the rifle grip.  The length of pull is adjustable via the modular recoil pad spacer system.  The adjustable cheek ensures you will have the perfect cheek weld regardless of the dimensions of your head or the optics you've chosen.  The integral monopod provides a rock-solid rear support which is completely out of the way when not in use.  Anyone intimately familiar with the principles of Natural Point of Aim will be very pleased when operating a Desert Tech rifle. 

Due to its unique barrel clamp system, the SRS-A1 is one of the most accurate and forgiving rifle systems in the world.  There is no action-to-stock interface.  The action is the stock, so there is no bedding, v-block, or guard screw torque to worry about.  The SRS-A1 has the most rigid and uncompromising barrel-to-shooter interface that exists.  In addition, there is nearly 6 inches of the barrel supported by the chassis.  That is nearly 5 inches more barrel support than exists on most traditional rifles.  Five inches less barrel free-floating means five inches less barrel to vibrate.  This leads to the SRS-A1 being one of the most forgiving rifles in existence from a barrel harmonics standpoint and is evidenced by the extreme precision and accuracy exhibited by these rifles.   

Primal Rights is the most experienced Desert Tech dealer in the nation.  Our support of our customers does not end after the sale.  We are here to help you with our extensive knowledge on Desert Tech products.  Knowledge which was gained by exhaustive testing and time afield while using Desert Tech rifles and products since 2010 is available to you before, during, and after the sale.  We have owned and used every revision of the rifle, and every revision of accessory, for thousands upon thousands of live rounds since that time.  Whether you need help choosing an optic, a sling, a bipod, reloading components and equipment, or advanced load data information for your specific cartridge and rifle, we are here to support you!

Custom Barrels, Conversions, & Rifles

We have partnered with one of the most talented precision rifle smiths in the country to produce custom barrels for Desert Tech rifles.  Travis Stevens at TS Customs in Miller South Dakota personifies attention to detail and a steadfast dedication to customer service.  This makes him a perfect fit for Primal Rights and for our customers. Together, we have more experience with non-factory cartridges and wildcats in the Desert Tech rifles than any other outfit in existence.  TS Customs barrels and conversions are the most sought-after in Desert Tech rifles due to their precision, accuracy, and forgiveness.  Customers frequently report the smallest groups and farthest shots of their lives after receiving them.  TS Customs DT barrels are available exclusively at Primal Rights. 

You get your choice of barrel length, twist, contour, chambering, muzzle thread spec, fluting style, color, etc.  The options are nearly limitless. We will work with you to identify the best possible cartridge choice and barrel configuration for whatever application you desire.  Want a custom brake fit and finished to your barrel as one?  No problem.  Want your QD brake for your suppressor professionally installed and timed?  No problem.  

We can chamber nearly any cartridge in existence in these custom barrels. The only requisite is that it fit one of the 3 available bolt faces.  Obviously it's nice when cartridges will feed from the magazine effectively, but we have done special conversions for people using rounds that could only be single-fed.  We can help you identify whether the cartridge you're thinking of using will work correctly.  

You can expect 1/4MOA accuracy or better from our custom barrels.  Most customers send test targets back to us that measure in the 0's and .1's to .2's.  This isn't some fluke or cherry-picked group either.  This is what we expect from every single one of them.  We do load development, zeroing, or other work on several dozen customer barrels each year.   Forget cloverleafs.  True one-hole groups are the norm after a load has been tuned to these barrels.  We have several customers using them in benchrest competitions, and winning!  

No matter your application, we have the experience and technical knowledge to help you make your custom Desert Tech rifle a reality.  


We have all manner of accessories available for our rifle kits.  Drag bags, torque wrench kits, scope mounts, magazines, bipods and more! 
Call to inquire about all of the support equipment we have for DT rifles!


The complete custom Desert Tech rifles start at approximately $5000.  Due to constantly fluctuating Desert Tech pricing and the custom nature of the rifles and conversions we provide, we handle all final pricing for our products via phone.  Each DT rifle we sell comes with a TS Customs barrel which is created to your desired spec.  Delivery times on each conversion can vary wildly depending upon the desired configuration, however the average time of delivery is between two and six weeks from the date of your order.  

Call us to order your Desert Tech rifle today!

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