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The Desert Tech HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) is the shortest, lightest, and most versatile magazine-fed ELR (extended long range) precision rifle system in the world.  It is over 10lbs lighter and nearly a foot shorter than the Barrett M107.  The HTI can be easily adapted to individual application requirements by changing the rifle's caliber and length. Whether a military sniper is disabling an enemy vehicle with the 50BMG conversion or a civilian ELR shooter is engaging a steel plate at 2,400yds, the HTI offers unrivaled flexibility.

If you can see it, you can hit it.  That is our motto for the HTI.  Accuracy and precision at distances that boggle the mind.  This is the only truly switch-cartridge ELR rifle that we have ever seen which can truly produce repeatable results. Big bore rifles are very expensive and feeding them is inherently costly. Too many times we hear of people getting big bore rifles that look the part, but can not shoot well. The HTI is in a league of its own in the accuracy department.  Several of our customers have used their HTI to set the range records for distance and accuracy at places like the NRA Whittington Center and many other local clubs across the country.  

In less than 60 seconds, a shooter can change from 375CT to 50BMG or several other cartridges including some very powerful wildcats in between, and maintain half-MOA accuracy between conversions.  Each barrel repeats to its independent barrel zero to within a half-MOA.  Often, it is even better than that!  With the addition of a Tangent Theta rifle scope, a shooter can have an entire cartridge conversion complete, and have the turret on the optic re-zeroed and the zero stop set in less than one minute.  Desert Tech rifles are truly in a class all their own.  

Due to its compact bullpup design, the DT HTI is about a foot shorter than all traditional big bore rifles with an equal barrel length.  In addition to the drastically shorter overall length, the large diameter and heavy barrel shank that is usually far in front of the rifle grip, is moved to the rear and centered over the grip.   As a result, the handling characteristics of the HTI are unsurpassed by any other big bore precision rifle system.  

The DT HTI is built around the core fundamentals of precision rifle accuracy, and was designed to allow each individual shooter to fit the rifle perfectly to their body type.  The trigger shoe is independently adjustable to ensure proper 90-degree trigger finger placement while still allowing a full purchase on the rifle grip.  The adjustable cheek ensures you will have the perfect cheek weld regardless of the dimensions of your head or the optics you've chosen.  The integral monopod provides a rock-solid rear support which is completely out of the way when not in use. 

Due to its unique barrel clamp system, the HTI is one of the most accurate and forgiving rifle systems in the world.  There is no action-to-stock interface.  The action is the stock, so there is no bedding or v-block stock and action mating to worry about.  The HTI has the most rigid and uncompromising barrel-to-shooter interface that exists.  In addition, there is nearly 7 inches of the barrel supported by the chassis.  That is nearly 5.5 inches more barrel support than exists on most traditional big bore rifles.  Over five inches less barrel free-floating means 5.5 inches less barrel to vibrate.  This leads to the HTI being one of the most forgiving rifles in existence from a barrel harmonics standpoint and is evidenced by the extreme precision and accuracy exhibited by these rifles.   

Primal Rights is one of the largest Desert Tech dealers in the nation.  Our support of our customers does not end after the sale.  We are here to help you with our extensive expert knowledge on Desert Tech products.  Knowledge which was gained by extensive experience while using Desert Tech rifles and products since 2010.  We have owned and used every revision of the rifle, and every revision of accessory, for thousands upon thousands of live rounds since that time.  Whether you need help choosing an optic, a sling, a bipod, reloading components and equipment, or advanced load data information for your specific cartridge and rifle, we are here to support you!

Call us to order your Desert Tech rifle today!

Do you want a custom barrel?

We have partnered with one of the most talented precision rifle smiths in the country to produce our custom barrels for Desert Tech rifles.  Travis Stevens at TS Customs in Miller, SD personifies attention to detail and a steadfast dedication to customer service, which makes him a perfect fit for Primal Rights, and for our customers. Together, we have more experience with non-factory cartridges and wildcats in the Desert Tech rifles than any other outfit in existence.  

Barrel length, twist, contour, chambering, muzzle thread spec, fluting style, color, etc.  The options are nearly limitless. We will work with you to identify the best possible cartridge choice and barrel configuration for whatever application you desire.  Want a custom brake fit and finished to your barrel as one?  No problem.  Want your QD brake for your suppressor professionally installed and timed?  No problem.  

We can chamber nearly any cartridge in existence in our custom barrels. The only requisite is that it fit one of the 3 available bolt faces.  Obviously it's nice when cartridges will feed from the magazine effectively, but we have done special conversions for people using rounds that could only be single-fed.  

You can expect 1/4MOA accuracy or better from our custom barrels.  Most customers send test targets back to us that measure in the 0's and .1's to .2's.  This isn't some fluke either.  This is what we expect from every single one of them.  We do load development, zeroing, or other work on several dozen customer barrels each year.   Forget cloverleafs.  True one-hole groups are the norm after a load has been tuned to these barrels.  We have several customers using them in benchrest competitions, and winning!  

No matter your application, we have the experience and technical knowledge to help you make your custom Desert Tech rifle a reality.  

Give us a call at 605-554-1911 to discuss details!


Field-Ready Packages

Starting at - $10,500

We can design a complete rifle package based around the best equipment available on the market today.  Desert Tech rifles can be configured to accomplish any shooting task you can throw at it.  From factory barrels to light-weight hunting packages to heavy-profile long barrel setups to dominate the F-Class arena and everything in between.  We have the experience and the inventory to make your dream rifle kit a reality.  

Our experienced staff will mount your optics using industry-leading equipment, and ensure your scope is clamped true and level to rifle as per the specified torque specs.  We will also mount your bipod and any other accessories to your rifle, at no additional cost to you. 


Complete Rifles

Starting at - $7,495

If you already have optics and various other accessories, we can sell you a complete rifle with a cartridge conversion of your choice.  

You still have plenty of options to choose from.  Chassis colors, barrels, brakes, etc.  We can provide Desert Tech factory barrels or our award-winning barrels from TS Customs.  

We want to be as flexible as possible to ensure you end up with the right rifle, at the right price.

The choice is yours!


Individual Components

Starting at - $300

Primal Rights is a full stocking dealer for Desert Tech.  This means we can get you anything that DT sells.  Individual barrels, brakes, scope mounts, suppressors, chassis, etc.  You name it, we stock and sell it.  No order is too small.  No order is too large.  

Custom options are available on many of the different parts and accessories that we carry.  Want a chassis dipped or done in custom Cerakote camo?  We can do that.  Want your Desert Tech scope mount Cerakote to match the rifle?  We can do that.  

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.  


Bare Chassis

Black/Black - $5295
FDE/FDE - $5495

Desert Tech offers the above configurations, but we can also add a custom finishing option and give your rifle a unique and eye catching look!  

We can have your chassis dipped in any one of hundreds of available patterns, or have a full custom Cerakote job done to your spec using any combination of colors available!  

* All chassis include monopod.

** Chassis only, barrel not included.


DT Scope Mount

Desert Tech makes the perfect optics mounting solution for their rifles, out of the same exact material as the chassis, in the form of a beautifully machined 50BMG-rated 6-screw mount with integral bubble level.  Not too high, and not too low like some european-made competitors mounts.  This 100% made in the USA mount is at the perfect height for the SRS, Covert, and HTI but is also a perfect fit on any AR15 or any rifle requiring 1.5" scope height.  

Diameter Slope $
34mm 20moa / 5.7Mils $365
34mm 30moa / 8.5Mils $365
34mm 40moa / 11.4Mils $365

  - 30mm Ring Reducers:  $30


Factory Conversions

Starting at - $2645


- Barrel w/barrel extension fitted
- Bolt
- Magazine
- Bolt Spacer *
* for 375CT & 408CT only

375 Cheytac 29" w/Brake $2645
408 Cheytac 29" w/Brake $2645
416 Barrett 29" w/Brake $2745
50 BMG 29" w/Brake $2745


HTI Bolts

There are 2 different bolts to service every cartridge that is compatible with the HTI.  Below we will list the bolt face diameters with a list of some of the compatible cartridges.  Obviously we cannot list them all.  If you have a question on what will work, just give us a call.  

.637" +/-    $470
375CT, 408CT, 338Snipetac, etc.

.804" +/-    $470
50BMG, 416Barret, etc.


Custom Conversions

Starting at - $3150


- Custom Barrel matched to a specific bolt
- Bolt
- Magazine
- Bolt Spacer *
* for 375CT & 408CT only

Contour - 1.250" Straight

Length - 24" to 34" 

Twist - Any

Flutes - Straight

Threads - All standard available

Color - Cerakote, any available


HTI Magazine

The HTI magazines are proprietary Desert Tech components.  They are not AI, McMillan, or any other footprint, and only work with DT rifles.  They are designed with a shoulder retention feature which prohibits recoil from damaging bullet tips.  Their internal dimensions are very long to allow the use of long VLD-style bullets.

5rnd $275
Long  5rnd $275


Individual Barrels

Starting at - $2050

If you have a 375CT conversion, and want to shoot 408CT, or anything else off a 375CT bolt face, you do not need another entire conversion.  You can just get a barrel which you can use your existing bolt and magazine with.  

Factory DT barrels and TS Customs barrels built to your exact specifications are both available individually. 

If you shoot out your factory barrel or custom barrel, we can re-barrel your current barrel extension and save you a good chunk of money!

Call for complete details!


DTSS 375

The Desert Tech Sound Suppressor, or DTSS 375, is the best possible sound suppression solution for your Desert Tech HTI rifle.  It is offered in .375cal.  This suppressor was built exclusively for Desert Tech by Elite Iron.  The full stainless steel construction produces the quietest and strongest possible suppressor for your HTI.   See the DTSS product page for complete details.

Weight.375cal - 52oz
FinishCerakote Armor Black
Length.375cal - 12"
Diameter.375cal - 1.980"
Price.30cal - $1,895

If you've read this far, you may be starting to get an idea of just how amazingly versatile this rifle system is.  Even if we could put all of the related products and options for the HTI on one page, there would be no possible way for us to completely relay all of the knowledge and experience we have with these rifle systems.  Yet that experience is available to you completely free of charge; all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.  The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.  So, Don't hesitate!   Pick up the phone!  605-554-1911

Call Us Today To Order!    605-554-1911

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