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In today's world it can seem that there is a new gadget being spawned nearly every day. They will range from a few dollars to thousands and price tag doesn't really determine its usefulness. It is often some of the simplest and least expensive pieces of gear that will make or break a long range shot. The TAB Gear Rear Bag falls into this category. Today we are going to take a detailed look at what makes this rear bag from TAB "must-have" gear!

While making precise long range shots, one of the most important things to achieve is NPA, or Natural Point of Aim. This is essentially a situation in which you have pointed the rifle as such so the reticle is on target with no interaction from the shooter. You should be able to view the target through the scope without exerting force on the rifle in any particular area other than slight rearward pressure at the grip. Building this position on uneven terrain or in various positions can be quite challenging. This is where a rear bag comes in quite handy. It serves as a buffer between your hand and the rear of the rifle. This is important due to fatigue issues associated with using your hand for rear support under the stock.

In the image above you can see the TAB Gear bag allows you to form a nice little saddle for the rear of the stock to ride in. This gives you a remarkable amount of control over the recoil of the rifle. When using your hand for rear support it is not uncommon for heavier rifles to roll to one side or the other under recoil. Not only does it provide a solid platform, but you can input precise corrections in elevation by simply squeezing or relaxing your non-firing hand around the bag. Squeezing it will raise the rear of your stock, while relaxing the hand will lower it.

The bag itself is simple in design, yet very versatile in use. It is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon which can be had in several different colors. The one you see here is multi-cam. There is a 1" military grade web on both sides of the bag. One is oriented across the long side, while the other across the short side. This webbing feels strong enough to tow a truck with. I grabbed both straps and literally tried to tear the bag apart and it didn't budge. I could probably do it with a tow strap and a pickup, but that might be taking it a bit too far.



Plastic pellets similar to those used in airsoft are used for filler. This ensures the bag will not retain water and gain a lot of weight as a result. The rigidity of the pellets makes the bag very easy to manipulate with one hand, as the pellets are hard and provide a very tactile response. This also makes the bag very light compared to other types of filler. Every seam on the bag is triple stitched to ensure a tight seal between the panels that will withstand great abuse and years of use. The corners and webbing are triple stitched again to add even more durability and strength. There is also a nylon loop sewn in one of the corner, you can use this to hook up to your pack, or rifle via carabiner.


TAB Gear has a bullet proof lifetime warranty on everything they make, so if this rear bag fails in any way a replacement is just a phone call away. I purchased this bag from Rifles Only about 2 years ago and have used it heavily. As you can see, it is still in very good shape. Jacob and Lisa Bynum of Rifles Only are very good people. I've talked to Lisa many times on the phone over the years and she has always been extremely helpful in answering any questions I have and getting the gear I order out as fast as possible. As you can see by the tab sewn on, MADE IN USA still means something and both TAB Gear and Rifles Only are good American companies to deal with. We are a dealer for TAB Gear and have these rear bags IN STOCK!

The webbing straps on the bag can be used in a variety of fashions. There isn't really a "wrong" way to use this bag. Once you get in the field with it you'll find all sorts of ways it can be of benefit. One of the more basic holds is to just shove your hand through one of the webbing loops. From this position you can manipulate the bag for a rear support as we've described above.


If you reverse your hand, you can grab onto your rifle, climb ladders, or fire a handgun without ever having to put the TAB bag down. This position shown above is useful for running barricades or other obstacles. The bag can be used as padding between your hand and whatever object you are going to toss the rifle on.

Using the same bag position as described above, you can get a bit more stable from the sitting position. In the image below you can see how the bag acts as a nice shock absorber between the rifle and your knee.


Another spot that works well for transport or additional stability when shooting with the bipod stowed is shown below. The webbing can be used in about every shooting position imaginable, and you would be surprised how much it helps steady the rifle by providing more solid contact with whatever the rifle is resting on.


Over the last several years the TAB Rear Bags have been an indispensable piece of gear that have allowed me first place finishes in several matches as well countless accurate shots fired. They are worlds above a rolled up G.I. sock filled with airsoft pellets, of that I can assure you. From use as a rear bag, to supporting your rifle in awkward positions, the TAB Gear bag will be a piece of my arsenal for many years to come. We have TAB Gear Rear Bags IN STOCK!

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